Internet-Web development Web/Apps development

Within our group of services, we offer the possibility of developing the proposed systems to our customers offering a full service. We are experts in developing Internet services and giving our projects the benefits of the latest technologies.

Enxegal Internet Web Development

We also offer as a service the development and programming of professional web pages of high quality and sophistication, static and dynamic, e-commerce solutions, connected to local databases, mobile applications, etc.

In this effort to develop useful applications to our customers we have developed an application for Android and iPhone, EasyCat, which allows to manage centrally through a Web control panel the data of the company products that can see each commercial on a tablet Android or iPad. You can also use product promotions and generate notifications so salesman know what changes have occurred. This application allows the salesman to have updated products at anytime and to avoid useless meetings.

Another tool that has been extracted after a customized development for one of our clients is an online management of any kind of associations. Through this tool the associations do not have to have powerful or updated computer equipment to manage a desktop application. Nor should they be backed up by the risk of data loss.

Latest projects

  • Data export and development of multi-user system for work in the cloud

  • Development of a system for managing distributed customer loyalty
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