Computer expertise Technical analysis of IT elements

The IT expert services are technical analysis, study or research on IT elements in order to find clues, evidence and / or evidence and use then at trial.

Enxegal Computer Expertise

The IT expert services can be very diverse and can be ordered by courts, by lawyers or by individuals or companies. Some cases are:

  • Breaches of contract on the creation of software applications
  • Assessment and economic valuation of computing goods
  • Assessment and economic valuation of software
  • Analysis of the use of computer systems
  • Show company secrets
  • Misuse of the company computers
  • Activity analysis of Internet use
  • Evaluation of software development
  • E-mail use
  • Computer arbitration

More information:

Latest projects

  • Emails authenticity analysis

  • Contract analysis in a software development

  • Economic valuation in a software application development

  • Internet use analysis

  • Malware analysis
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