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We provide our customers the ability to innovate and improve its administrative or industrial processes through our consulting services. These consulting services range from existing process studies with the desire of improvement to the substitutability of these same processes more efficient.

Enxegal Consulting

We analyze the possibilities and raise customer to finally be developed and implemented.

We handle all phases of the project, studying of several possibilities to carry out the project, help in making decisions, development of the preferred option and final commissioning.

When a project is implemented, we give the option of staying in the same giving a expert link between the our customer and its provider if any.

Case Study: Development and Web Catalog Connection with SAP SRM

The SAP SRM version of the client was analyzed and a catalog was developed that directly connected the supplier database to the customer database.

More information on developing a web catalog to connect to SAP SRM.

Case Study: Industrial weight scales

We studied the potential existed to introduce a new feature to the scales. This feature was to provide the ability to connect to the Internet and store scale data (weight, units, price, etc..) in a centralized database on the Internet.

With this new feature central managers can see what data is being processed at any given time by scales in different locations, to study the ups and downs of work, times of peaks, etc.. get data instantly.

This database is accessed through a Web application.

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